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HUUG Logo.png
HUUG Logo.png

Give the gift of a HUUG to someone you haven't been able to hold tight in these times.

HUUG is a Pharmacy led gift package providing beautifully curated products alongside health suuplements.

HUUG Gift Packages is an online offering from the C&D group that has been carefully curated and designed to be different. We wanted something more exciting than that of the standard online pharmacy offerings.  Our pharmacy experts have expanded the HUUG range, while ensuring the contents of our gift boxes remain close to our pharmacy roots.

Health and Well-being is at the heart of each of our gift packages by including pharmacy supplements as well as supporting Irish makers.

The HUUG team has built up a wealth of experience offering advice and helping people achieve

optimal health, so HUUG was created so that people can give the gift of health and well-being.We plan n


Always remember that you can purchase HUUG Gift Packages, online but also at any of our 13 locations.

HUUG Logo.png
HUUG Logo.png


For the eco warrior, the conscious consumer & the lover of all things sustainable. We developed the Eco HUUG out of our own love for finding new and sustainable products.

Jo Browne Bamboo Face Cloth,Jo Browne Organic Luxury Reusable Cleansing Pads,Palm Free Medicated Shampoo & Shaving Bar,The Handy Laundry & Dishwashing Bar, Anti Microbial Cleansing Bar, Soap Rest Pad, Deodorant Cream, Geranium Bergamot Lip Balm, Better You Daily Iron Oral Spray, Revive Active Zest Active 7's.

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Mum & Baby HUUG

Bespoke natural and organic products made from sustainable materials and attention to detail. The Mum & Baby HUUG features products specific to Mum, and baby.

For Baby: A Fabelab Product, Dublin Herbbalist baby Oil & Baby Balm, Palm Free Baby Soft Shampoo and Body Soap Bar, Better You DLux Infant VitD Oral Spray.

For Mum: Jo Browne Bamboo Facecloth, Dublin Herbalist Hand Cream, Cotton Gloves, Better You Daily Vitamin B12 Oral Spray.

Pamper HUUG

The Pamper HUUG is the perfect gift package to keep you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. 

Jo Browne Bamboo Facecloth, Seoulista Super Hydrations Instant Facial, Dublin Herbalist Hand Cream, Cotton Gloves, Palm Free Seaweed Soap Bar, Herb Dublin Lavender Candle, PharmaNord Bio Active Vitamin D Pearls, Better You Magnesium Flakes.

Pamper Full Shot.jpg
Wellness White.jpg

Wellness HUUG

The Wellness HUUG is the ideal gift box to give to a loved one or someone who needs a pick me up (probably all of us these days).

Mookie & Boo Calm & Destress Candle, Mookie & Boo Sleep & Relax Roller Ball, Jo Browne Bamboo Facecloth, Palm Free Lemon Freesia Soap, Roza Nourishing Hand Balm, Cotton Gloves, Better You Vitamin D Spray, Melissa Dreams.

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